Amazing Features

Fully Adaptive to All Screen Sizes

We designed in a way that it automatically adjusts to any screen which makes it a true responsive design.
Each and every design element was created in a way that it will not look lame when seen on smaller screen size.

About Sitemaniya

We have extensive experience working in multiple industries and we have successfully performed logo design, Web application development, web design and integration for hundreds of different websites. We have years of experience and many satisfied clients. We have worked with many local websites as well as international ventures to follow top trends in design and provide round-the-clock support and integration assistance for our newest creations.

Our mission is to create solutions from our clients and help them to produce a clear vision for their brand. We can assist with creating high converting visuals, websites and promotional material that can help to generate engagement with a clients target market. We also work to produce industry-leading tools and solutions for our customers to enjoy increased efficiency. From the development of e-commerce solutions to web elements that speed the process of website operations in user experience, we can improve the way that your company works online for the future. Overall our mission as a team is to provide a positive impact for our clients by creating top quality promotional materials, efficiency solutions and web elements.

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Web Design

Our website design services have an incredible value. Our team is highly committed to developing industry-leading website designs that function perfectly for your end users and look spectacular.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team is capable of producing high-quality promotional materials ranging from banners, brochures, stationary, website toolbars and more. Our creative team can push the limits of modern design and hope you generate success with your promotional materials and website design.

Web Development

The main goal of web development service is to offer the best quality services by using different platform like PHP, Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Laravel etc. and by using different specialized methods like XML Flash, XHTML.

Android App Development

The android app development service mainly revolves around the innovation and creativity of expert developers with the technical competency to deliver effective, high quality, user friendly and efficient apps as per the growth strategy of businesses.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services are mainly geared to drive growth. With the best in class digital marketing service, professionals can help the clients to increase consumer engagement and exposure of their sites and apps.

Content Writing

The content writing service mainly produces direct response copy for the websites, blogs and landing pages. The contents created through the content writing service are mainly keyword rich marketing contents, which can draw the audience successfully.